Wavelength References is the world’s leading supplier of gas cell technology. Gas cells use the principle of molecular absorption to provide NIST-traceable wavelength references with unmatched stability over time and environment. We offer a full line of gas cells covering a wavelength range from <850nm to >10 microns. You may be familiar with acetylene gas cells as the calibrator output on your optical spectrum analyzer but they have many other applications as well such as a wavelength calibrator in any optical instrument, as a local reference for chemical sensing system, for wavelength locking of lasers, spectroscopic research, and environmental and physical sensing. Thousands of Wavelength References’ gas cells are in use in all these applications. We pride ourselves on cost effective high quality solutions and welcome custom requests. We serve both end users as well as original equipment manufacturers. Our customers include leaders in fiber optic communications, test and measurement, physical sensing, chemical/medical sensing, and research.

We also have recently introduced a line of laser products which user proprietary locking techniques to achieve long term frequency stability to a few MHz and linewidth narrowing. Such lasers find use as a primary frequency reference and in a variety of interferometric sensing applications.