Data Sheets and Pkg Drawings

Below you will find links to datasheets for our frequency locked laser and common gas cells.  We do many custom products for our customers so if you don’t see exactly what you want or if you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We also include drawings of our various fiber-coupled housings and copper cells for your information.


  • Single-Mode flowcells for Near-IR:  16.7, 47.5 and 78.1 cm path configurations.
  • Multi-Mode flowcells for Deep UV to Mid-IR: 10cm path
  • Clarity frequency-locked laser:  1312nm, 1530nm, 1542nm standard configurations.
  • Acetylene fiber-coupled cells: 1510nm to 1540nm calibration and sensing.
  • Hydrogen cyanide fiber-coupled cells: 1530nm to 1565nm calibration and sensing.
  • Hydrogen fluoride cells: 1255 to 1351nm calibration and sensing.  Free space option for other wavelengths.
  • Multi-gas fiber-coupled cells:  Broad, multiple band coverage possible in a  multi-pass configuration.
  • Absorption Tube Info Sheet: A reference for designing your own custom absorption tube.

Fiber-coupled package drawings:

Copper cells (primarily for HF applications):

  • 4.5mm CA (clear aperture) cell, 2.7cm path